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The Social Economy Centre repository/referatory database includes articles, fact sheets, podcasts, presentations, webcasts, and other resources produced by the Social Economy Centre. It will also include links to other relevant resources on the topics of the social economy, social business and volunteers. To search the database, click on the search icon below.


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Social Economy Centre Facts Sheets

The following are factsheets developed from the research projects carried out by the Southern Ontario Social Economy Node.


#04 Building Stronger Communities: Organic Farmers and the Social Economy By Jennifer Sumner and Sophie Llewelyn, University of Guelph

#08 Partnering and Resilience: Environmental Service Organizations in Times of Funding Cuts By Travis Gliedt, Paul Parker and Jennifer Lynes, University of Waterloo

#11 Francophone Immigrants: Challenges of Inclusion and the Co-operative Movement By Ginette Lafrenière, Maike Zinabou, Matt Riehl, and Sandy Hoy, Wilfrid Laurier University

Project Launch Workshop

Social Business CURA Project Launch Workshop

Monday June 7, 2010

OISE Library

252 Bloor St. West

This workshop was an opportunity for university and community partners to meet each other and to introduce everybody to the overall project and to each other. In addition we discussed the research process and the development of the research questions.




0915 - Registration – Coffee

0930 - Introductions

Overview of Social Business CURA

1030 - Refreshment Break

1045 - What do we mean by community-engaged scholarship

1215 - Lunch

1300 - Research Focus:

What we are looking for, why its important, how it might shed light on capacity issues, etc

1345 - Case Study Team discussion:

What are the specific case study impacts, stakeholders, indicators

1445 - Refreshment Break

1500 - Check-in with large group: Questions/Discussion (45 minutes)

Continue work in case study teams (45 minutes)

1630 - Next Steps

Case Study Proposals & Ethics Review

1700 - Reception: 7th Floor Peace Lounge


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