Tim Burns

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Q&A with CURA Community Partner: TorontotheBetter

Interview with TorntotheBetter Secretary-Treasurer Tim Burns on the TorontotheBetter case study

1. Please provide us with a brief description of TorontotheBetter.

TorontotheBetter is an initiative that was created to facilitate participation in Toronto's social economy by enterprises and the general public.

2. What motivated you to become involved with this project?

We created TorontotheBetter primarily for two reasons: 1) to make it easier for buyers to locate and use social enterprises in Toronto; 2) to raise awareness about the possibility and actuality of economic activities that are motivated by ends other than financial gain.

3. How do you see TorontotheBetter benefiting from the research?

TorontotheBetter is benefiting by gaining greater awareness and understanding of Toronto's social economy.

4. How do you see the larger social economy benefiting from the research?

The benefits will be in 1) recognition by enterprises of their participation in an economic sector that is greater than their micro-enterprise, thus encouraging greater ambition, and 2) awareness of the concrete social effects and benefits of their work, thus increasing commitment and belief.

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