Projects by Cluster

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Projects by cluster

Mapping Southern Ontario’s Social Economy

Project 1&2 : Mapping of Social Economy Organisations
Project 3 : Mapping of Social Purpose Businesses
Project 29 : Mapping of Unincorporated Nonprofit & Voluntary Organizations
Project 30 : Mapping of Online Social Enterprises
Project 31 : Survey of Ontario's Mutual Insurance Companies

The Impact of Social Economy Organizations

Project 4 : The Social Economy in Organic Agriculture
Project 5 : To Investigate Fair and Ethical Trade and Local Public Procurement Policies in Canada
Project 6 : To Analyze the Efforts of the Planet Bean Coffee Co-Operative to Develop A New Fair Trade Products (Cotton) with Local Partners in the Indian States of Tamil Nadu and Gujurat
Project 7 : Life Capital Social Economy Project
Project 8 : To Explore the Successes and Failures in the Greening of the Social Economy Within Waterloo, Toronto, Peterborough, Hamilton, and Elora
Project 9 : Social Innovation through Cross-Sector Models of Collaboration
Project 10 : To Explore the Synthesis Between Urban Food Security and Rural Food Producers Through Such Social-Economy Projects as Catering, Community Gardens, Collective Kitchens
Project 11 : An Exploration of the Potential Impact of the Co-operative Model on the lives of Minority Francophones Living in Southern Ontario
Project 12 : Service Learning in the Social Economy
Project 13 : Social Enterprise Research on Value Added (SERVA) Project
Project 32 : To Investigate Cree Concepts of Land and Environment and the Relevance of Social Economy Concepts

Improving the Capacity of SEOs to Demonstrate their Value

Project 14 : Financial Planning for Social Enterprises - Testing the 100% Business Cost Recovery Metric
Project 15 : To Develop and Operationalize a Social Accounting Model That Can Be Applied to Social Enterprises
Project 16 : To Create a Process and a Set of Indicators That, Initially, Measure the "Co-Operative Difference" and, Subsequently, Measure Other Social Factors
Project 17 : To Explore if Social and Environmental Accounting Tools Exist Which Could Be Brought to Bear on Creating a Common Understanding of Stewardship
Project 18 : Cooperative Education: Dimensions of Rochdale V
Project 19 : High School Textbooks Project
Project 20 : New Social Economy Initiatives in Latin America

Developing Policy

Project 21 : To Analyze the Relationship Between the Ontario Government and SEOs
Project 22 : To Study Employer-Supported Volunteerism
Project 23 : To Explore Ontario’s Mandatory Community Service Program, its Impact in Introducing Students to the Social Economy, and its Policy Implications
Project 24 : Exploring the Impact of Organizational Ownership Structures on the Decision Making Process of Boards of Directors
Project 25 : To Explore the Human Resource Practices and Policies in SEOs
Project 26 : Work Stoppages in Social Economy Organizations
Project 33 : A Comparison of Policy Frameworks for Social Enterprises and Non-profits in Ontario and Quebec
Project 34 : An Overview of the Different Policy Frameworks for the Support and Development of Co-operatives in Quebec and Ontario
Project 35 : An Overview of the Different Policy Frameworks and Organizational Support Systems for the Support and Development of Student Co-operatives in Quebec and Ontario

Extending Theory

Project 27 : To Synthesize the Social Economy Framework and Theories on Corporate Social Behaviour
Project 28 : The Role of Ideology and Gender Composition in Social Economy Organizations