Social Enterprise Partnerships For People With Disabilities In Taiwan

Wed, 2013-03-20 12:00 - 13:30


Shulan Tien - PhD Candidate of Psychology at Fu-Jen University, consultant and counselor working with disability organizations in Taiwan
Timothy Maxwell - Business Relations Manager, The Learning Enrichment Foundation and member of Social Enterprise Toronto Steering Committee

Part 1: Demonstrate the different types of social enterprises and employment in Taiwan

  • Taipei Mental Rehabilitation Association- Cleaning business and the Café in subway station for people with mental illness run by non-profit
  • Victory Petrol Station and Enjoy Taipei Restaurant- Social enterprise opportunities set up by government and run by non-profit at government property
  • Victory Potential Development Center- Social enterprise incubator collaborates with leading businesses in the field
  • ASUS and Children Are Us Café- Innovative employment collaboration for people with intellectual disability between the employer and helping profession
  • Visually Impaired Massage Service hired by the companies for employee benefit
  •  Part 2: The legal/policy infrastructure

    1. The Taiwanese government's Disability Employment Fund as the major funding source for employment facilitation
    2. The obligation for public and private sectors to hire people with disabilities and penalty applied if the legal ratio not met
    3. The monetary reward for outstanding business in hiring people with disabilities
    4. The policy requires public sector to purchase goods and services from social enterprise/organization hiring/serving people with disabilities  

    Part 3: Challenges

    1. Sustainability for social enterprise
    2. The "creaming" in selection of disabled employment candidates

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