ClearlySo - Potential UK partner for social business and enterprise

WHAT DO THEY DO? ClearlySo is an agency that connects social enterprises with investors and the corporate world. ClearlySo connects social business, enterprise, commerce and investment. Their goal is to grow the social economy. They help social entrepreneurs raise capital and improve their core business skills. They help investors find exciting opportunities and introduce corporations to the social sector. HOW ARE THEY SOCIAL? They value doing good and doing well. 

Success in business should not come at the expense of social mission. They believe that as they grow and become more profitable, they are able to deliver much greater value to their member businesses. They value working to build a dynamic, thriving global social economy and believe social business and enterprise can help to create a more socially conscious environment in which business can be a force for good. They aim to be a world leader in supporting, promoting and celebrating social business and enterprise, commerce and investment.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? You can easily get involved and stay connected! If you work in social enterprise, they can help you develop and grow. If you’re an investor, they connect you with inspiring social businesses. If you’re a corporate, they’ll help you discover the fast and growing social sector. They put the 'business' in social business. They deliver practical tools that help social entrepreneurs become successful, but which are often unavailable or expensive to access. They do not try to 'reinvent the wheel'. They work with the best partners in areas such as finance, public relations and information technology to offer their clients top level services. You can become a member today and list your business on their directory. Thousands of companies around the world have registered with them (SEE You can enjoy their resources such as blogs and case studies, and job search in social economy. You can also attend networking events, seminars and workshops, and much more.

Want to learn more about ClearlySo? Please visit their website at For ClearlySo Canada please go to