Volunteers Count

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 According to Statistics Canada research, volunteers are a major human resource, and their yearly contribution is equivalent to over one million full-time jobs in Canada (Hall et al., 2005). Yet, they are often an invisible human resource that is taken for granted and not included in the formal accounting reports of non-profit organizations. The objective of this proposal, “Building capacity for non-profit organizations: An innovative approach to account for volunteer contributions,” is to help make the invisible visible through the creation of educational and training materials, including a national train-the-trainer program for volunteer centres across Canada, to support non-profits in building capacity for valuing, keeping records of and reporting volunteer contributions. The centerpiece of this proposal is an online open source software system, VolunteersCount (developed in part through research funded by a SSHRC INE Research Grant). This system includes a component on social accounting, which broadens the items considered in accounting to include volunteer contributions. 

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