Q & A with CURA Community Partner: Furniture Bank

1. Please provide us with a brief description of your organization 

Furniture Bank is a registered charity and social enterprise involved in the collection and distribution of gently used furniture. This furniture and household goods is provided to abused women and children, the homeless and new immigrants who align themselves with one of the 63 agencies that are partnered with Furniture Bank.

2. Please describe the portion of your organization that is involved with the CURA.

Primarily the social enterprise called Furniture Link. Our social purpose is to provide employment and job and life skills training for people receiving Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) benefits and others with limited employment opportunities.

3. What model are you using for the research?

Seeking quantitative data based on interviews from key stakeholders

4. Where are you in the research process? 

On schedule.

5. What motivated you to become involved with this project?

There was an ask of us from the Toronto Enterprise Fund

6. How do you see your organization benefiting from the research?

Still to be determined, however I expect that there is a learning experience in understanding how other organizations are managing during these difficult times.

7. How do you see the larger social economy benefiting from the research?

There is a model to be determined for successful social enterprises.


 Many thanks to Perry Davidson from Furniture Bank