Social Economy Centre Facts Sheets

The following are factsheets developed from the research projects carried out by the Southern Ontario Social Economy Node.


#04 Building Stronger Communities: Organic Farmers and the Social Economy By Jennifer Sumner and Sophie Llewelyn, University of Guelph

#08 Partnering and Resilience: Environmental Service Organizations in Times of Funding Cuts By Travis Gliedt, Paul Parker and Jennifer Lynes, University of Waterloo

#11 Francophone Immigrants: Challenges of Inclusion and the Co-operative Movement By Ginette Lafrenière, Maike Zinabou, Matt Riehl, and Sandy Hoy, Wilfrid Laurier University

#19 Notes in the Margins: The Social Economy in Economics and Business High School Textbooks By Daniel Schugurensky and Erica McCollum, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

#21 Capturing the Complexity: How the Ontario Government Interacts with the Social Economy By Kathy Brock, Queen’s University

#22 Employer-Supported Volunteering: Corporate Participation in the Social Economy By Agnes Meinhard, Ryerson University, Femida Handy and Itay Greenspan, University of Pennsylvania

#23 Does Required Volunteering Work? Results from Ontario’s High School Community Service Program By Paulette Padanyi, University of Guelph; Mark Baetz and Steven D. Brown, Wilfrid Laurier University; Ailsa Henderson, University of Edinburgh

#24 When Roles Collide: How Boards Influence Organizationsl Focus and Results For Better or Worse By Geoffrey Kistruck, Ohio State University and Israr Qureshi, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

#26 Labour Relations in the Social Economy: Key Trends By Kunle Akingbola, OISE/ University of Toronto & Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

#30 The Online Social Economy: Where is it? And how does it work? By Sherida Ryan, OISE/University of Toronto