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Business Done Differently: Research Instruments

Learning Enrichment Foundation Case Study - Survey Instrument

Social Enterprises: Significant Employment Creator and Economic Generator

 New research shows that social enterprises, businesses operated by non-profit organizations for the dual purpose of generating income and creating a social, environmental, and cultural value, are significant contributors to both employment creation and economic generators.

The report, Strength, Size, Scope: A Survey of Social Enterprises in Alberta and British Columbia profiles data from 140 of 295 social enterprises in both provinces gathered in the spring and summer of 2010. These social enterprises are engaged in a wide variety of social, cultural, environmental and revenue raising market activities.

Of the total of 4,500 employees, 60 percent or 2,700 employees were members of a designated target group such as persons with a mental or physical handicap or a member of a marginalized population. In addition, the social enterprises that responded to the survey engaged 6,780 full- and part-time volunteers and 27,870 people as members. These social enterprises were responsible for training 11,670 people and providing services to an additional 678,000 people.

The sale of goods and services in the market generated $78 million in revenue across the two provinces and an aggregate net profit of $7.9 million, in the 2009 financial year.  Like other nonprofit organizations, social enterprises solicit non-market funds from a variety of funders, including foundations, government and individual donors.

Innovative Funding

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Project Launch Workshop

Social Business CURA Project Launch Workshop

Monday June 7, 2010

OISE Library

252 Bloor St. West

This workshop was an opportunity for university and community partners to meet each other and to introduce everybody to the overall project and to each other. In addition we discussed the research process and the development of the research questions.




0915 - Registration – Coffee

0930 - Introductions

Overview of Social Business CURA

1030 - Refreshment Break

1045 - What do we mean by community-engaged scholarship

1215 - Lunch

1300 - Research Focus:

What we are looking for, why its important, how it might shed light on capacity issues, etc

1345 - Case Study Team discussion:

What are the specific case study impacts, stakeholders, indicators

1445 - Refreshment Break

1500 - Check-in with large group: Questions/Discussion (45 minutes)

Continue work in case study teams (45 minutes)

1630 - Next Steps

Case Study Proposals & Ethics Review

1700 - Reception: 7th Floor Peace Lounge




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