Caroline Arcand

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Q&A with Community Partner: Groupe Convex

Interview with Groupe Convex Executive Director Caroline Arcand and OISE/UT PhD Candidate Ushnish Sengupta on the Groupe Convex case study

1. Please provide us with a brief description of Groupe Convex.

Groupe Convex (GC) is a nonprofit organization under which there is a group of diversified social purpose enterprises, employing people with various abilities, including people who are at great risk of unemployment, among whom the majority faces an intellectual disability. The social enterprises also employ Joe Average and Above Average, from the rural community of Prescott-Russell, in Eastern Ontario. The term ‘convex’ was chosen to highlight the fact that when someone looks into a convex mirror, his or her image is magnified. Therefore, the organization aims to increase its employees’ self-esteem by allowing them to assume a valued role. A valued role, in our northern American society, is one of the workers! Being at work is one of the most ''valorizing'' roles for any Canadian citizen.

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